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High School & Beyond Plan

High School & Beyond Plan

Meeting the high school graduation requirements consists of 4 parts noted below A-D. Students meet part A of their plan in Xello, accessed through Clever ( See planning packet page 4 for access information.

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A. Xello Completion Plan

Starting in 7th grade, the students will log in to their Xello account and begin/continue the required lessons and About Me tasks. (see planning packet page 3)

B. Course Planner

 During 9th -12th grades, students need to meet the 28 credit requirement. (see planning packet page 9)

C. Community Service

Students perform and document community service each year in grades 9-12. 5 hrs of documented volunteer service is required each year for a total of 20 hrs. (see planning packet pages 10 & 11)

D. Complete Graduation Pathways 

There are several graduation pathways students can take to meet this requirement. Passing the state SBA assessment in 10th grade, math and English is one pathway. (see planning packet pages 12 & 13).

*If your educational goals take you to Skagit Valley College Running Start in 11th and 12th grades, the High School & Beyond requirements are dropped, however, students are still encouraged to complete the tasks through Xello. The lessons pinpoint student's interests, learning styles, and personalities and match them to careers and education institutions where they can be achieved.

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