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Monthly Review

What is a monthly review?

As required by state law, every class taught in an ALE program needs to be reviewed monthly. This includes online, onsite, and remote courses. The classes that parents teach at home are classified as remote. The review window opens on the 22nd and is due by the 28th. 

What do I include in the review?

A monthly review should contain 2 parts. First, include your monthly goal statement which may include the lessons, skills, and tasks the student completed during the month. Second, a statement of proficiency is needed. You may keep the actual percentage the student scored during the month, or you may include a general statement of proficiency as shown in the examples.

"The student completed lessons 1-10 for math this month which included the skills of borrowing and carrying 2 digit numbers, they maintained an average score of 88% on each lesson" or

"The student completed all required learning goals as listed for the month with at least 70% accuracy on all lessons, quizzes, and tests."

You can give specific details such as overall percentage, grades received on each test, and/or points earned for the month if you wish. Then paste the monthly goals before or after this statement and save. Do this for each class you teach at home.