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Home School Credit


Students who have taken and successfully completed high school courses under the above circumstances shall not be required to take an additional mastery/competency examination or perform any other additional assignment to receive credit.

At the request of the student and the student’s parent or guardian, high school credit earned before high school may be transcribed with a non-numerical grade, such as “pass” or “credit.” A nonnumerical grade will not be included in the student’s high school grade point average calculations. High school credit earned prior to high school and transcribed with a non-numerical grade will apply to fulfilling high school graduation requirements.

Before the end of eleventh grade, a student and the student’s parent or guardian must inform the school if they do not want credit for the course or courses taken before attending high school or if they want the credit to be transcribed with a non-numerical grade.

Awarding of High School Credit

The district will award high school credit for the successful completion of a specified unit of study. A student successfully completes a specified unit of study by doing one of the following:

Credits from Other Programs

The principal or designee is responsible for determining which credits will be recognized by the district for students enrolling from another state-approved learning program (public school, approved private school, or home school), or from out-of-state or out-of-country. The district will accept credits from another Washington public school or accredited state private school or accredited out-of-state public or private school to the extent the credit matches a district graduation requirement, or may be counted as an elective credit. The district will evaluate credits from unaccredited programs or home schools as described below for home school students. Decisions of the principal or designee may be appealed to the superintendent or designee within fifteen school days of the initial decision.

Home School Credit

Guidelines for granting high school credit for homeschooling are as follows:

  1. Publication of Graduation Requirements

    Prior to registering in high school and each year thereafter, each student and his or her parents or guardians will be provided with a copy of the graduation requirements in effect for that student (those in effect when the student enrolled in ninth grade). Graduation requirements may also be included in the student handbook.
  2. Credit Requirements

    Period of Eligibility to Earn Credits

    Generally, credit towards high school graduation will be earned in grades nine through twelve. However, unless requested otherwise by the student and the student’s family, the district will award high school credit towards fulfilling graduation requirements to a student who has completed high school courses while in seventh or eighth grade if one of the following applies:
    1. The course was taken with high school students, and the student successfully passed the same course requirements and examinations as the high school students enrolled in the class; or
    2. The course taught at the middle school level has been determined by the district to be similar or equivalent to a course taught at the high school level.
  3. Earning a passing grade according to the district’s grading policy;
  4. Demonstrating proficiency or mastery of content standards as determined by the district (the district will establish a process for determining proficiency or mastery for credit-bearing courses of study); or
  5. Successfully completing an established number of hours of planned instructional activities to be determined by the district.
  6. To gain credit for a course of study, a student will provide:
    1. A journal that reflects the actual work completed during a home-study course of study;
    2. Exhibit(s) of any specific projects completed (e.g., themes, research papers, art and/or shop projects); or
    3. Any such other performance-based exhibits of specific course-related accomplishments.
  7. To gain credit for a course of study, a student must demonstrate proficiency at a minimum of 80 percent of the objectives of the course. Such testing will be available as an ancillary service of the district if it is regularly available to all students. If not, the parent may engage district-approved personnel to conduct such an assessment at a cost determined by such personnel.
  8. Credit is granted for the following approved schools:
    1. Community colleges, vocational-technical institutes, four-year colleges and universities, and approved private schools in the state of Washington, and
    2. Other schools or institutions that are approved by the district after evaluation for a particular course offering.


      A. Meet with Mr. Evans our Principal email:

      B. Complete the curriculum

      C. Meet with Mr. Evans to determine course completion and final assessment

      *Grading will be pass/fail credit, unless other arrangements are made.